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For International Students


For International Students

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Research in optical science has traditionally been the strength of Tokushima University, which has produced a Nobel laureate in Physics for developing blue LED. To further reinforce this strength and promote optical science research for the creation of a new optical industry, the “Institute of post-LED Photonics” was established as a university-affiliated institute in March 2019. Focusing on the wavelength regions of invisible next-generation light: “deep ultraviolet,” “infrared,” and “terahertz,” we have been working on the development of, and applied research in, practical next generation light sources as well as on the development of new medical methods through interdisciplinary research in medicine and optics.


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Tokushima University Hikari Fellowship (For Ph.D. Students)

*Please contact to "gakuseikachou,"

Tokushima University International Education and Research Exchange Fund (For Ph.D. Students)

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Please apply to the Graduate School of Sciences and Technology for Innovation, Tokushima University. Before applying, please contact to the pLED faculty members.

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