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pLED International symposium 2023: Exploring Invisible Light Technology「Best Student Poster Award」Six individuals have received the award.

【Best Student Poster Award】

The recipients are the following six individuals. Congratulations on receiving the award!


P-20 Yudai Matsumura (Tokushima University)

Fundamental study on optical heterodyned terahertz detection using optical-comb-injection-locked
dual-wavelength laser light and electrooptic polymer modulator


P-3 Ryo Mitsumoto (Tokushima University)

mW-Level Mid-Infrared Frequency Comb Using Waveguide-Type PPLN Crystal in Single-Pass Configuration


P-5 Tomohiro Tamaki (Tokushima University)

Second-Harmonic Generation Polarization Microscopy to Analyze Ultra-Early-Stage Liver
Fibrosis in Human Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease


P-7 VINAYAK SHINDE (Tokushima University)

Comparative study of methylene blue (MB) degradation using WS2,WS2/GO, and 
WS2/GO/Au composites prepared by laser ablation and hydrothermal methods


P-27 Shuto Ueda (Tokushima University)

Unraveling the Energy Transfer Mechanism in a Phycocyanin Protein Crystal by Femtosecond Transient Absorption Microscopy


P-31 Kenji Nishimoto (Tokushima University)

Spectral broadening of a Kerr microresonator soliton comb by local dispersion engineering


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